Carry On

The Supernatural fandom is like a family.

Like any other family, we have our issues. Sometimes we disagree. Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we even hurt one another.

However, when push comes to shove, we will go to the mat for each other time and time again.

This family has proven that when we stand united there isn't anything that we can't accomplish. Whether it's raising thousands of dollars for charity or breaking a world record.

Carry On is a place for the Supernatural family to stand united against the evils of this world, as well as our own personal demons. It is a safe place, where you can come and know that you are not alone.

If you have ever felt like you were going through your own personal apocalypse, this is the place for you.

If you want to stand alongside your Supernatural brothers & sisters and help them fight their war, this is the place for you.

Together we can stay strong and carry on.

Because family don’t end with blood.


In honor of Tuesday, here is an actual gifset of

Jensen Ackles

p o k i n g




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Our editor Tara has started a series called A Song of Cons and Cosplay. Each Friday during the Summer she’ll be featuring a Q&A with cosplayers just like you! What are we looking for?

  • New cosplayers. Experienced cosplayers. Diverse cosplayers. Niche cosplayers. All cosplayers welcome!
  • Unique…


Jared and Jensen at '14 Summer TCA Tour {portrait session}

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Now, thank you to Mark Sheppard, ‘Squoose’ is going to be in the Supernatural fandoms everyday vocab.

Be ready for the Squoose-pocalypse.

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Getting rid of dick did wonders for her disposition

yeah, dick’s not really her thing 

oh my god

i just spat coffee all over the damn place



and one of the questions said this

If a moose were chasing you through the woods, its enormous mass would be very threatening.  But if you zigzagged, then its great mass would be to your advantage. 

So naturally I thought of this


There’s a reason Kevin Tran was in Advanced Placement.

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Or reading them, either.

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Guess what I finally got around to putting up? That’s right, the image files for Holy F*?king Hell, the unofficial “expansion” inspired by the makers of Cards Against Humanity are up for free download ~~~~~~~here~~~~~~~. 

I don’t have instructions yet on how to upload and order them from PrinterStudio yet, but message me here on Tumblr if you’re confused and I’ll try to help you as soon as I can. I’ve had my hands tied trying to get everything ready for moving next month, and won’t have stead internet access until then.

There’s also 3 different title options you can go with, the ones shown above, Castiel in Love with Humanity, and Roasty Toasty Ghosty. All are included in the zip file above, so you can choose your own, or make your own! I’ve also provided .PSD templates for those of you who want to make your own card ideas too. I used Helvetica Neue Bold as the font, with an extra bold through Photoshop CS2’s text option. 

Essentially when you go to order the cards, you have 2 different ways you can go about doing it, the easy & more expensive way, or the tedious & less expensive way.

Since the maximum number of cards per order sits at 234, and there are roughly ~265 answer cards alone, you’re going to have to split the orders. The way the website works, you can upload the 234 front images, and choose the identical back to put on all of them at once.

You can either lump the rest of the 31 answer cards in with the question cards (by choosing the 126 max card option), which creates the tedious task of drag and dropping the same back cover to the cards over and over and over and over again, making sure you match the Q backs to the Q fronts and the A backs to the A fronts.


You can choose to have 3 separate card orders, 1-234 answer cards for the first, 235-253 for the second (choose the 54 max option), and 90 question cards for the third (choose the 90 max option). Doing this is the less tedious option, but jacks up the price to around $42 (as opposed to $36 if you do it the hard way) all together for US shipping (don’t forget to use SHIP30 in the coupon box to receive free standard shipping!). If you do it this way, you could also make the most out of it and make a few more cards through the PSD template provided. More for the price. :)

If you want a nice, matte finish, choose linen instead of smooth on the drop down menu. It’s only a dollar or so more.

I feel like I’m confusing the living hell out of y’all, but it should make sense once you see how the upload process works on the site. Again, if you’re confused, send me an ask and I’ll try to help as much as possible. 

Thank you so much to the SPN Family who suggested card ideas, especially to Wendy, Brooke, and Dev. Y’all are awesome. <3

Another huge thank you to Kim Rhodes. This never would have gotten recognition without her.

I was urged to make a Kickstarter to sell these, but legal issues aside, I didn’t want to profit off of this. All I did was throw in some clever card ideas, with help from others. The SPN fandom is extremely creative, and by doing it this way, you all can customize it as you please. Remove cards you don’t particularly care for before ordering, or make some more using the templates! Enjoy this hilariously offensive parody game. Mix it in with your original CAH deck if you’d like! There should be enough cards to comfortably play a while with about 4-5 people at 10 cards each. 

PS. I’m aware the the reds look fuzzy when uploaded on PrinterStudio, not entirely sure why (as they’re the same as what I’ve uploaded here), I’ve ordered myself a copy of the Holy F*?king Hell version since that one seems to look the worst, so I’ll update here/under the tag #SPNCAH once they come in to inform you on whether they look good or not. So if you want to hold off on ordering because you’re iffy, you can.   

Font credits go to:

Any other questions, please, send me an ask!

EDIT: Oh, and no, I will not accept any sort of donation or payment for these cards. Before anyone starts asking.

Instead, pay it forward, and consider donating to Random Acts or ASPCA. xoxo

You mean… this look?  (x)

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castiel + 2 (@anon)

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Season 5, Gag Reel

Dance King Jensen. Be still my heart.

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